Japanese Phrases - Eating

Can you make a reservation for me? Yyaku o shite moraemasu ka?
Can you suggest a good restaurant. O-susume no resutoran o oshiete kudasai?
Is it very expensive? Totemo takai desu ka?
Waiter! / Waitress! Chotto sumimasen.
What's today's special? Ky no spesharu wa nan desu ka?
What do you recommend? O-susume hin wa arimasu ka?
To begin with, please bring us a cocktail? Hajime ni kakuteru o kudasai.
I'd like to order now. Chmon shitain desu ga.
Could you bring me a knife/ashtray? Naifu/haizara o motte kite kudasai.
Could you show me the menu again, please. Meny o m ichido misete kudasai.
I'd like some coffee. Kh o kudasai.
Do you mind if I smoke? Tabako o suttemo kamaimasen ka?
Can I have the bill please. O-kanj o o-negai shimasu.
Do you take credit cards? Kurejitto kado ga tsukaemasu ka?
Is this correct? Kore ga atte imasu ka?
May I have a receipt please? Ryshsho o o-negai shimasu.
Japanese food Washoku/Nihon ryri
Western food Yshoku/Seiy ryri
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